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Automatic Pouch Making Machines


The SA-V has been designed and engineered to be the high speed pre-made pouches maker more flexible, technologically advanced with an ease of use concept, ready to produce a wide range of high quality products.

Fully equipped with Siemens components, the SA-V is entirely controlled by a state-of-the-art HMI based on Profinet ®, one of the most advanced communication protocols, that allows to control independently and in real time each one of all installed stations/tools.

As each station is independent, servo driven and plug and play, the SA-V has been engineered to be customized according to different production needs, granting the capability to be upgraded later on, without changing the existing structure.
Always focused on our customers' needs and knowing that energy costs are always a more expensive variable for each manufacturer, the SA-V has been engineered with dedicated components that allow to recover the kinetic energy and then to save money in this regard.




Thanks to the above indicated technology and to the intuitive graphic interface, the SA-V grants different production cycles:

  • -Cam cycle (times determinate by cpm)
  • -Time cycle (sealing times set-able independently)

The high quality of the used components, made also thanks to our two sister companies, combined with a constant research focused to the final user, allowed to reduce the set-up time, the start-up time, maintenance time and payback period.

The SA-V is offered in three different sealing widths: 650 mm. (25,6"), 950 mm. (37,4") and 1250 mm. (49,2") allowing to produce (according to the chosen configuration) the following pouches:

  • -2 side seal pouches on one or two independent lanes, with and without zipper
  • -3 side seal pouches starting from one folded roll or from two independent rolls, on one or more lanes, with and without zipper
  • -Stand-up/Doypack® with folded bottom from one single roll or from two independent rolls, on one or two lanes, with and without zipper
  • -Doypack® with inserted bottom on one or two independent lanes, with and without zipper
  • -Side gusset bags with folded gussets on one or two independent lanes
  • -Side gusset bags with inserted gussets on one lane
  • -Center seal (fin seal) bag on one or two independent lanes

The SA-V can run with all mono or co-ex material with PP or PE sealing base, both printed and unprinted, granting high performances and high sealing strength.

The sealings can be made in different steps, to grant them a superior quality and mechanical resistance avoiding material stress due to the sealing itself).

A wide range of accessories and tools (valve applicator, slider applicator, easy open tools, etc.) are available to meet different customers' needs and to be promoted in different markets.