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The high standard of the T-Shirt bags needs an accurate production, a high quality sealing, a constant production and absolute reliability.

That's why for such kind of production the key point is that the machine is easy to use and that the operator could easily interface with it by knowing and controlling each part of the PLC.
Furthermore the machine has to grant short setting and change over.
Then ELBA, thanks to more than fifty years of experience on the market, designed the new BM11GS.

The automatic sealing machine BM11GS has been manufactured with several important technical devices that allow to reach high performances like:

  • -High performance sealing bars with "free block" system
  • -"MWT" eccentric (patented) to triple the sealing time
  • -Programmable device to increase the sealing time up to 40% of the nominal time
  • -Motorized cutting cross rotating band blade (patented) with independent servo drive, complete with continuous re-sharpening device

The BM11GS machine can produce:

  • -Bags with central block*
  • -Bags with upper dispenser block*
  • -Standard bags*
  • -Bags with glue spot and grommets.

The BM11GS is equipped with dedicated brushless servo motors for the film indexing, the sealing bars movement and the bags collecting on the final table.

Last but not least, according to his mission, Elba updates constantly each one of its machines with new technological solutions, so today the BM11GS is equipped with the new HMI based on Siemens ProfinetĀ® system to easy set the machine, to control and check each phase of the working process, to save all different receipts and to restore them when necessary, to verify quickly any problem, reducing stop over time and increasing whereby the output.