KPG Newsletter




The automatic sealing machine type SW97 has been designed to produce wicket bags which are used for automatic packaging of diapers.

The high production reliability reached by this machine allowed us to make it suitable also for the production of other types of bags: for bakeries, poultry, freezer and hygienic bags.

The mechanics and electronics of this sealing machine are the same of those of our entire production: in this case as well, updated electronic systems have been used for controlling the line.

All motors are Brushless and they separately provide for the correct speed of the unwound film, sealing, bag indexing (set measure), positioning of the collecting pins and Wicket rotation speed.

To reach a high production capacity and maximum reliability, a P.C. has been used; it is able to control all processing stages of the machine and allow the operator an easy programming for each product to be made, calling it up again automatically from the P.C. every time it is necessary to repeat that type of product.

The machine is equipped with the new stateof- the-art HMI, based on Siemens ProfinetĀ® that allows a remote assistance, granting to ELBA technicians a quick answer to any problem.