KPG Newsletter

Sychroline 430/530/600


  • Hi-FiT system: Aninnovative system is used for print  rolls  allowing for immediate fitting of cylinders of different diameter with no need for an adapter. In fact print rolls lay on a special algorithmical-studied curve that ables to keep constant the printing pressure varying the roll diameter.
  • Hi-FiX system: The plate cylinder is pneumatically clamped with a conical piston that grantsirreversibility of motion and reduces motions and vibrations to a minimum.
  • Hi-DynamiX system: The blade is pressured against the anilox roller with pneumatical system, determining an auto-adaptive pressure dynamic, resulting in the best ink distribution.
  • Hi-InX system: When the machine stops, the ink roller (anilox) is first removed, followed (after a settable time) by the print cylinder, in order to clean ink in excess (an essential operation when using non-UV inks).



Paper width [mm] 350 450 550
Print width [mm] 330 430 530
No. print. units[n] 2-10 2-10 2-10
Unwinding diameter [mm] 1000 1000 1000
Max speed [m/min] 220 220 220
Min print length [inches] 8 8 8
Max print length [inches] 24 24 24
Min length rotary die [inches] 8 8 8
Max length rotary die [inches] 24 24 24
No. rotary dies [n] 2-5 2-5 2-5
Printable materials paper, adhesive paper, extensible film  paper, adhesive paper, extensible film paper, adhesive paper, extensible film